VicenzaOro: the gold and jewellery trade just in Vicenza, Italy

2011 has begun with VicenzaOro, the top gold andjewels trade fair: not only because it is the boon one of the year, but alsobecause it is one of the most esteemed ones. The event, that has tak.

VicenzaOro: the gold and jewels trade fair in Vicenza, Italy

2011 has begun with VicenzaOro, the elite gold andjewels trade fair: not only because it is the elite one of the year, but alsobecause it is one of the most revered ones The event, that has taken placein Vicenza for years, is now one of the prime globe events as far as gold andjewels are concerned A big spring for an happening that was originally meant topromote and aid the local gold manufacturers, and that now hosts companiesand manufacturers coming not only from all over Italy, but furthermore from all overthe world: among the participants in the fair, indeed, you might find the mainItalian diamonds manufacturers as well as the most noted internationaljewelry companies.

The trade impartial that has moderate elapsed was inaugurated onthe 15th of January and foregone on the 20th: on the onehand, it gave its visitors the option to carry quota in diverse meetings anddebates and to visit its pavilions; on the fresh hand, it gave its exhibitorsthe follow to showcase their products and the present innovations in the fieldof jewelry And in spite of the crisis, exhibitors did participate: about 1,500companies coming from 50 different countries and distributed in differentpavilions, which could find in Vicenza a rich breeding basis for thepresentation of their products and for the building of task relationships.The brochure of the displayed products included miscellaneous types of jewelry, fromgold objects to diamonds, presented by well-known designers as well as byemerging companies, which took wellbeing of the appealing and internationalshowcase of VicenzaOro to make themselves proclaimed

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This year the trade display has presented an importantnovelty: Roberto Ditri, the president of Fiera di Vicenza, has presented a 5years manoeuvre which started this year and includes the enlargement of theexhibitory spaces up to 15,000 m and actual estate investments for 29 millioneuro A challenging project, which is supposed to corroborate Fiera di Vicenza as abenchmark in the territory of international trade fairs and as a meeting dab thatcan originate new challenges and ideas for the companies

This year the unbiased program was notably virile andvaried, and included debates and special events focused on different themes,from the loop table on made in Italyjewels to the foundry on the new finishing processes of gold products, formthe meetings on new forming techniques to the matter on the expectation forthe future. A special advance is alsodue to Gold Expression 2011, the exclusive mountain born of the collaborationof Fiera di Vicenza and the World Gold Council, which enriched the moderate withover 120 treasure created by 23 outstanding Italian gold factories: a veryimportant tread towards the garnish and the promotion of the superiority ofItalian manufacturers and motif

The program of the reasonable further included T-Gold, a spacefocused on the machinery and equipment for goldsmith and trinkets making Aunique afair of its kind, which attracted over 120 companies mechanical inthis field, permitting VicenzaOro to pact with all the aspects of the domain ofgoldsmith and jewelry, and helping it to evolve itself as the principal eventfor this sector.