The names of the types of bikinis that exist today – Discover them!

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Surely when you consult a fashion magazine, whether it’s a bath or a daily fashion, there are some words or names of trends that you do not understand. And every day new terms appear to designate other paths where the fashion moves and that if we are not up to date, we can not know.

This also happens in the bikini sector in which each year new trends appear and different names that emerge to designate new designs and novel models.

In today’s post, we are going to discover the names of the different types of bikinis that are currently available for You know what bathroom cloth we talked about when we mentioned the bandeau or the tankini.

Different types of bikinis bras and their names

The reason why different names of types of bikinis arise is precisely that fashion is changing and every year we find a new and different trend garment that is baptized with a novel term.

It is important to know exactly the names of the bikinis so that you can ask the saleswoman of your store what garment you want. If you’ve seen it in fashion magazines and you want to get one of them, you have to remember what it’s called and, therefore, in this article we’re going to clear up all your doubts.

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Currently, there are some trends in the bikini sector that you must know to be the latest in designs.

 Bandeau bikinis

Surely it’s not the first time you’ve heard this bikini-type name, right? And it is one of the trends that are most stomping today. Bandeau bikinis are a type of garment that holds the chest well making this look larger and more volume.

It is, therefore, a bikini for girls with a little chest as it manages to increase its presence in the body with a bra that can be used as a word of honour as well as placing thin braces attached to the neck.

In addition, it is one of the most popular bikinis also because allows us to sunbathe without the straps and, therefore, avoid the annoying marks when tanning the skin. And when you want to swim or take a dip, the straps will hold you well and you will be protected at all times.

These are the reasons why bandeau bikinis are one of the best known today and those that are most successful in stores.

Halter style bikinis

Another one of the names of the types of bikinis that more are heard lately are those that have been baptized with the name of “halter”. It is a bikini whose upper part is like the typical bikini of triangles but with the difference that it is correctly sewn and, therefore, holds us to the maximum.

They usually also have a strip under the chest  that is ideal for enhance the breasts and make our bust look much bigger and more striking. To improve the grip usually have wide strips that are tied behind the neck and, thus, also get more lift the chest.

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Triangle bikini

This is a name of the types of bikinis that you are most familiar with, right? And it is that is a classic in bathing fashion and is perfect for girls with a little chest and, also, for those with wide backs.

The fasteners designed as a triangle are tied behind the neck doing, so that the width of the shoulder is less defined and, therefore, you seem more stylized.

Different types of bikini panties and their names

But not only there are novelties in the top of the bikini but fashion designers also work fervently to get new styles of panties that are feminine and enhance the figure of the body. And, of course, these panties also have new names that can be confusing when you hear them for the first time.

Mini bikinis, the type of bikini in of the season

Do you like mini bikinis? In Be You Mini Bikinis we are specialists in this new trend in the sector of bathing fashion as we consider that this type of panties manages to enhance feminine curves and, at the same time, bring out the sexiest side and attractive of the same.

Estos mini bikinis son, básicamente, braguitas de tamaño “mini” pero que no llegan a ser tangas. Son como un híbrido entre la braga normal y el tanga, una tela que cubre lo suficiente pero que deja entrever más carne y, sobre todo, permite que el cuerpo se broncee con más totalidad.

The bikinis with Brazilian panties 

But there is also this other name of types of bikini that is known as “Brazilian” and it is a design that the front is normal and current but that, however, the back is much narrower, almost becoming a thong but not of yarn, but with a wider fabric.

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Brazilian bikinis are known like that because they are very well known in Brazil, land known for having explosive and beautiful women with well-placed and attractive butts. Therefore, this type of bikinis was created that covered the whole body well except for the back part that showed no shame.

Bikinis in the form of a dress, ideal for covering complexes

Another of the strongest trends this year has been the emergence of dresses made with bath fabric to be more comfortable when you go to the beach or the pool.

You should know that these garments have become popular among women who have some physical complexes, such as those looking for bikinis to hide the stretch marks or those that want to hide those kilos more than both cost to eliminate.

The truth is that they are aesthetically beautiful clothes that usually look good on girls with curves. In addition, you can play with the shape of the neckline and, for example, opt for a bandeau bra to not have marks or a heart-shaped neckline that will help you enhance your breasts.

Image Source: Se llamará

There are also tankinis, that is, a name that has been given to a type of bikini that is formed by a panty but that the upper part is a feminine and beautiful bathing shirt to enhance the body and hide the belly.

And these are the names of the types of bikinis that are worn today. As you can see, although they are somewhat complicated names, they are the trends that we see so much on the beach or in the pool…

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