The best Brazilian bikinis of this season

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The Brazilian fashion is one of the star trends for a few years in the sector of swimsuits. It is not a style where the colours of this country are printed on the pieces of a bikini, but it is a fashion where the bottom of the bikini is narrower than it is a panty Normal but without cutting as much as a thong, letting glimpse a part of our buttocks… In this way, the Brazilian bikinis manage to enhance this area so striking of our body.

This trend is called Brazilian fashion because the women of this country were the first to start using this type of pant so sensual and attractive. Now, because it is a very popular fashion throughout the world, we can find a variety of styles and models of this bikini.

Keep reading this post to know the best Brazilian bikinis of this season . Choose the one you like the most and wear your buttocks on the beach!

Brazilian Bikinis that are fashionable

As we have announced, thanks to this trend is very fashionable currently in the swimsuit sector, we can find a variety of models of this type in the specialized stores.

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If you do not know which one to choose, in the next section we present you the forms, models and prints of Brazilian bikinis that are fashionable nowadays. Which one do you prefer?

Vivid and cheerful prints

Within Brazilian fashion, we find the trend of bikinis with striking prints and full of life and movement. One of them is the tropical print in which the drawings that we usually wear are palm trees, fruits as the pineapple or other drawings ideal for the beach.

Other Brazilian bikinis that are in fashion are those that use floral prints and even ethnic drawings that combine this trend of panties with boho chic fashion.

Brazilian panties in different shapes: with ruffles and strips

In addition to the drawings, the shape of the panties can be in different ways. In Brazilian fashion, we find that women bet on bikinis with ruffles, especially those with a straight glute since this type of ripples enhances and gives a lot of volume to our backside.

They also wear a lot of Brazilian panties made of different strips on the sides of this bathing suit. However, it is advisable that you look for other options if you are wide hips since what you will get is to enlarge them even more.

Brazilian bikinis with crochet

Another option that is currently fashionable is to combine Brazilian bikinis with other fashion trends in the swimsuit sector such as swimsuits made of crochet

Thanks to this type of fabric, combined with the narrow panties that are worn in this trend, we will create a romantic as well as sensual style.

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Vertical stripes and animal print, the sexiest side of Brazilian panties

Other styles that take a lot of this trend in swimwear are, on the one hand, the use of vertical stripes and, on the other, animal print designs.

The vertical stripes in Brazilian panties create a sexy and rocking style also is ideal for women who want to look thinner, because it will visibly reduce the waist and abdomen, and it will enhance the gluteal area.

The animal print is another very fashionable design in bikinis with narrow panties, especially patterns that resemble the skin of a leopard. If you consider yourself a wild and daring woman, this is your style.

Fashionable colours in Brazilian bikinis

If you do not like prints or flashy designs in swimsuits, you’re in luck, as there is also a wide variety of smooth Brazilian panties. You can bet on the elegant black that, although it is a classic tone, in a pantie of this style tends to give a sensual and provocative look.

Or you can also choose a bikini with more vivid colours. Within this trend, the tonalities that are most popular are that, in addition to giving you a cheerful look, you will also naturally highlight your tan.

Who can wear Brazilian bikinis

Thanks to the previous section we already know the best Brazilian bikinis of this season. However, it is very normal to ask before buying anything: Will this type of bikinis fit me?

As with other types of trends, Brazilian fashion in your bikini panties is not as good for all women who want to try it. Everything depends on the shape and physical characteristics of the person who wants to put it on.

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Brazilian bikinis are swimwear that, when focused on the gluteal area, is more recommended in women who have a firm and well-toned back. It can also be very sexy in those girls who have big buttocks because a narrow panty gets to enhance this area and make the back look visually rounder.

However, if you are a girl with a straight or small gluteus, or you have too much cellulite or stretch marks accumulated in this area of the body, it is advisable that you look for another style of panties that are not so narrow to hide these imperfections of your skin.

Finally, if you are a girl with belly and want to follow this type of fashion, you should opt for swimsuits that have a Brazilian cut, since this way you will hide the abdominal area and focus all the attention on your butt, as long as your back, meets the physical conditions that we talked about in the previous lines.

Now that you know the best designs and styles of Brazilian bikinis you can buy bikinis online in our store. Follow this trend so daring and look your booty on the beach.

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