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Did it ever happen to you that you’ve launched yourself into buying bikinis online or physical and, once you’re at home, you don’t like the way it feels? Although we can currently find an infinite number of models and trends in a bikini shop, choosing the one that best suits us can be quite a complicated task.

In the following post we explain how to choose the perfect bikini through a series of simple tips. Just keep reading these lines and follow the tips below to look spectacular in your bikini at the beach or pool.

Tricks to choose the ideal bikini

When it comes to buy a bikini we must take into account different aspects that will help us choose the right way. Some of these aspects are the kind of bra and panties, if we feel better a smooth color or, on the contrary, we can buy a set with prints and, above all, choose a garment according to the shape of our body, among other things.

At the moment of buying a bikini online, it is important that we know some aspects like the shape of our body to highlight the strong points of a silhouette and visually reduce our imperfections. In order to choose the perfect bikini, it is essential that you follow the advice given below:

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Determine which type of silhouette you have

Although each woman has her own strengths and weaknesses, we can choose a bikini or swimsuit according to the shape of our body:


  • Rectangular silhouette: it is characterized by not having defined curves, little chest and thin hips. That’s why, when buying a swimsuit, we will look for clothes that visually increase these areas to make it look like there are more curves in the body.
  • Triangular body: stands out for having a large chest but very few hips. Therefore, in this body we will look for a balance between the upper and lower zone. To do this, we will use neutral clothing at the top and a brief that highlights the lower area.
  • Body in the shape of an inverted triangle: also known as a pear-shaped body because it has a small chest and prominent hips. In this case, we will do the same as in the previous section but vice versa. That is to say, we will choose flashy bras and neutral panties.
  • Round silhouette: is characterized by a circular shape, undefined curves and a prominent abdomen. In this type of case, it is advisable to choose a bikini that conceals the belly and diverts attention away from the chest or ass.
  • Silhouette shaped like an hourglass: it stands out for its sharp curves and a very thin waist. If you have this kind of silhouette, you’re lucky because you could choose any bikini and it would suit you.

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Choose bikini according to your breast size

We must also take into account the size of our breasts when choosing a swimwear because not all models will be suitable for a certain breast.

    • In case you have a large breast size, we will have to look for a bath model that holds the area well, enhances our breasts and if they are very large, has a reducing effect. For this purpose, the best thing is to opt for pin-up style bras since it has hoops, bikinis with V neckline and models that have a halter neck.
  • However, if you have a normal breast or a small size we will look for models that visually increase the area. For this purpose, the best bikinis for women with small breasts will be the triangular swimsuits, with a bandeau neckline, or those that have abalorios such as fringes or fringes.
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Smooth or patterned colours when choosing the best bikini?

Another aspect to consider when choosing the perfect bikini is the color of the garment. It all depends on whether we try to boost an area or not, on the contrary, we want to conceal it.

    • If what you are looking for is highlighting your strong points , whether you have a nice breast or a scandalous buttocks, among others, it is recommended that you choose bright colors or pastel tones. In case you don’t want smooth colors, you can use the different prints that will be worn this season.
    • On the contrary, when we want to conceal a prominent belly, excessively large breasts or buttocks with cellulite, it is always better to choose neutral or darktones such as black, olive green or burgundy red, among others.


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How to choose the size of the bikini without making a mistake

Sometimes it can happen that, even if you’ve bought a cheap bikini, in the end it’s up to you to give it back because you didn’t get the right size. Here are a few tips to help you choose the correct size for your swimsuit when you next buy:

    • In order to know if we have the right bra size, we must observe that when we try on the garment, this one stays in place. That is, if the slightest movement that you make the chest goes out of the bikini, it is that it fits you big or small.
    • In the case of an online bikini, it is recommended that before buying it, you take measurements of the contour of your breast and choose the garment according to the size guide.
    • Just like the bra, when you go to choose your bikini panties, you’ll also have to make sure it fits your measurements perfectly. In the event that you are climbed up or do not feel completely comfortable with the garment, it will mean that it is not your size.
    • You also need to take into account when choosing a bikini is to determine what kind of material will be most suitable for you. That is, if you are looking for a swimsuit for aquatic activities, if you want a chlorine-resistant bikini or if you are looking for a bathroom model for a social event such as a pool party.
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We can currently find an infinite number of models and trends in a bikini shop, choosing the one that best suits us can be quite a complicated task, we help you to choose the perfect bikini.

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