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About Us

BYM appears in Barcelona, like a youthful proposition, comfortable and sexy for all free-spirited women who love the beach and want to tan themselves in style!

We have lived in the world of style ever since we were young, as a part of our rich family tradition of patterns, fabrics, and creativity. These traditions have formed a lasting part of our lives. From a very young age, we played together, drawing swimsuits and inventing unique garment styles, and we always dreamed of bringing our creations to life. We grew up surrounded by lingerie and bathing suits, and with time, it was inevitable that we should continue this legacy, combining it with our passion for the Mediterranean, sunshine, and freedom! The result was Be You Mini, a concept that goes beyond the idea of mere bikinis themselves. Be You Mini is attitude, self-esteem, elegance with a touch of audacity, minimalism, femininity, and, above all, a love story between your body and the sea.

We work intensely, day by day, with expert hands, and together we make a great team.


Young, creative, cosmopolitan, and with a spectacular eye. She loves style and could spend all day taking photos of products and models. She is in charge of taking scandalous photos for our lookbooks!


Designer and lover of style and nature, she draws some of our spectacular sketches. We spend a lot of time with her analyzing colors, trends, and cuts.


Carmen is our wonderful mother. We love her, and she loves us with all of her soul. Her knowledge and her experience are vital to innovate and sew with style and precision.


He cuts all of the fabrics. He is truly a professional.