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Made from a soft, flexible and resistant material, the velvet swimsuit is both pratical and flattering. Embedded in small touches or covering the entire swimsuit, velvet ensures a modern, elegant and feminine look in all cuts and styles!

Mini bikinis online shop

Are you interested in buying online mini bikinis to look nice on the beach? If so, Beyouminibikinis is the perfect place for you! As our online shops offer a wide range of design limited edition bikinis which are not actually available in any other places. So, don’t wait a second to wear exclusive bikinis or bathing costumes which will really suit you since they are made of the best high quality materials. If you are really looking for fashionable mini bikinis, you just reached the place where such a thing is possible because you can find anything you need in Beyou.

Moreover, it has to be said that our bikinis online shop is directed by an enthusiastic and conscientious team who is working non-stop in order to create the most stylish bathing costumes, intended only for demanding women who try to look always perfect.  Indeed, these pieces are nothing but the result from a special combination of an avid imagination plus the most fashionable trends and different clothing pieces. Because of all that, we are pretty sure that you are going to love all our summer micro bikinis. And we assure you that you will be in the spotlight just by wearing them, so seize this great opportunity to look as beautiful as you always dreamed of!

BeYoume is a synonym for attitude, passion, self-esteem, elegance, daring, sensuality, minimalism and feminity above all. A love story between the body and the sea.

Limited edition mini bikinis

Show off our mini bikinis at our Mediterranean beaches or even on the other side of The Atlantic as our designs know no frontiers. Rush and buy that bathing costume you loved as our editions are so limited that only 150 pieces are made, which means that you won’t be able to acquire them once they are sold out!

We are aware of how important for a woman is to have a unique and wonderful bikini which anybody else wears. For that reason, we aim to offer each lady that special thing which makes her feel different.  Now, start making a difference yourself and enjoy the exclusive mini bikinis which everybody wants but merely a few can achieve. No doubt you will really like them because of their great quality and design. We are working hard to produce maximum quality reduced collections in order for you to wear them at any time. Besides, all sorts of mini bikinis are offered so the process of choosing one will be challenging every single beach day.

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Micro bikinis

Little and elastic minimalist bikinis that are suitable to go to the beach or to the swimming pool.

Micro bikinis are also known as mini bikinis and are bath parts that have a unique design and is totally thought to enhance and enhance the female body making the silhouette look much more attractive and eye-catching. This type of bikini is of a small size and therefore is also known as a micro bikini, it is 100% elastic and is ideal for looking at the beach or in the pool. If you want to buy micro bikinis online you have to know that in Be You we have a great variety of models and designs adapted to all tastes and following the latest trends in current fashion. Because going to the beach does not have to be at odds with fashion! Minimalist bikinis and with a unique design, small and elastic, perfect for the beach or pool.

Tiny bikinis

Enjoy the Brazilian magic and style by acquiring the Brazilian mini bikinis you will not find anywhere.

If you want to buy Brazilian bikinis but you do not know very well how to do it, you have to know that in Be You we specialize in the mini bikinis, that is to say, bathwear designed to highlight the body of the women enhancing their curves and making those garments make sure that whoever wears it feels great. The tiny bikinis is a type of garment that is inspired by the magic of Brazil so that you can dazzle with an exotic image of yourself, very sexy and attractive. In our website we specialize in the sale of Brazilian bikinis adapted to all women and all tastes so that, thus, you can find the bikini ideal for you.

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Cheeky bikinis

Some little and suggestive mini bikini models - a panty style ones- to show off your good looks this summer. Be delighted with the great variety of mini bathing clothes presented so that you can feel great whenever you go to the beach or to the pool. But you will feel even better when thinking of the great professional team who is in charge of BeYou, as it wishes to provide you with the best unique designs you can find online.

A suggestive and very small mini bikini models perfect for summer type look, the swimsuit is panty style. Enjoy in our online store a wide range of mini swimwear so you can enjoy the beach or the pool feeling great and most important, being sure that behind Be You Mini there is a great team of professionals looking to offer you exclusive designs of the best quality you can find online, we are dedicated to selling mini bikinis online and we are experts in the field, do not doubt that your purchase will be a great choice for the summer and you will become the queen of the beach. So whether you are looking for mini bikinis or exclusive bikinis that are Brazilian cut or perfect for the modern woman of the 21st century you have to know that in our online store you will find a great variety of designs and models for you. You can buy bikinis online with all the guarantee of acquiring a product of first qualities and that faithfully follows the current fashion. We want you with our mini bikinis to feel prettier and more beautiful than ever when you see your body next to the sea shore.

We have devoted to the mini bikinis online sales for a long time and we are experts on it, whereby we know that you will become the queen of the beach by purchasing one of our select designs.

Cheeky bikini online